Robert Ellis Smith
MCB 133 Veterans Organization Plank Owner

Robert Smith (middle)
Danang, Vietnam, 1967
Robert and Mary Smith
San Francicso, Ca. 1991

I was with MCB 133 at recommissioning and made the first two tours to Vietnam in '67 and '68. I re-enlisted for 6 while at the Utilitiesman "B" School at Davisville, R.I. between tours. The $10,000 re-enlistment bonus was impossible to resist!

I then went to Kenitra, Morocco for 3 years where I worked in Camp Maintenance. After making E6 I was in charge of the plumbing, electrical and steel worker shops, as well as grounds maintenance and pest control at Sidi Yahia.

I then spent two years in the plumbing shop at Portsmouth Naval Prison in Portsmouth, N.H., during which time I passed the E7 exam but was quotaed. Since Vietnam was all but over and the world was at peace, I figured I'd be an E6 forever, so I took my discharge and moved back to Texas.

I lived in Florida for a couple of years, and Tennessee for a while, but always wound up back in Texas. Tried my hand at the trucking business for a while. At one time my wife and I owned 7 eighteen wheelers. That just means you're going broke seven times as fast as if you only had one eighteen wheeler.

After a trucking related injury in 1986, I went back to school and learned computer programming. I am now in charge of everything computer related at a regional government agency, maintaining about 100 computers. I travel all over 3 counties keeping my people's computers running as smoothly as possible.

I am now 55 and and live in Denison, Texas with my lovely red-headed wife, Mary, and three stepsons aged 12, 15, and 19 and a chihuahua. I have a son age 35 (pre-MCB 133) a daughter, 31 (born while I was in Phu Bai) and a daughter 28 (born in Kenitra).